Ma(g)dalenas Nepal

Madalenas Nepal is connected to Madalenas International and the International Movement and Methods of Theatre of the Oppressed. In Nepal we started with a Madalena-Laboratory in July 2016 and ever since have engaged in weekly sessions, staged a Flashmob-Performance on the International Day of Violence against Women and right now we are rehearsing for the «Vagina Monologues».
For any interested female artists, activists and others: get in touch, learn about us, with us and join us! We’ll have yearly Laboratories, open and closed groups! Come and find your space!

From Barbara Santos, Founder and Creative Director of Madalena:

«Madalena is a magic mirror and a creative common space where every woman can recognise herself in another one, a process that transformed us through a playful, poetic, emotional and intense experience where we really felt together. The discoveries were many. The historical ownership and the exploration of the female body for production and re-production at a time when our capitalistic and patriarchal society brutally came to life. … How many times do we give up what we want? How many times we reproduce habits that we are not part of us anymore?»