Madalena Budapest

Madalena Budapest
We are the Ma(g)dalenas Budapest, a theater group which uses the methodology of Theater of the Oppressed to create safe spaces for artistic expression for women who are currently living in the city of Budapest.
Our group can work in Hungarian and English and  it explores the topic of gender oppression, gender inequality,  performance of alternative identities, sexuality and expression of sexual desire in relationships through image and forum theater and other techniques of theatre of the oppressed. At the same time pursuing a journey of aesthetic research through the toolbox of the Aesthetics of the Oppressed.We aim to create more presence for women activism in theatre and to enable subject and agent position for women artist instead of being tool and an object of art. The group is interested in sharing their work, experiences and learning from different communities and women’s groups of the region cooperating with NGOs and initiatives working on gender-related topics.
The ultimate goal of the group as part of the Red Ma(g)dalena International movement is to be part of social movements that challenge existing power structures.Temáticas:Opresiones contra las mujeres de diferentes generaciones, sexualidade feminina.
Participantes: 9 de Ungaria, Bulgaria, Turquía

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